Beware The Siren Of The Richmond Parking Deck

No, not that sort of siren, you uneducated cretin. The sirens were mysterious creatures that plagued the Ancient Greece of Odysseus, singing beautiful songs that lured sailors to their deaths. People thought they were myths, but they weren’t. They still exist. Except instead of plaguing the seas, they plague parking… » 4/24/15 7:25pm Friday 7:25pm

Lu Lu the Panda Sex God Shatters His Own Record for Filthy Panda Sex

Just 24 hours after setting the Sichuan Giant Panda Research Centre's record for panda sex by fucking his old flame Zhen Zhen for seven minutes and 45 seconds, Lu Lu the panda aka the "Enduring Brother" more than doubled his record sex time while doing it with another bear at the center. Sorry Zhen Zhen. » 4/06/15 5:47pm 4/06/15 5:47pm